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ADB Consulting offers interprofessional advisory and consultancy services to clients in five fields of expertise: Legal, Taxation, Management, Trade, and Industry Relations (with a focus on Aviation, Energy, and Natural Resources).

ADB Consulting comprises a team of specialists and intense industry relations throughout the Western Balkans as well as the neighbouring eastern and southern European countries.

In case you aim at opening a company in the focused region, internationalising your local business, getting involved in cross-border trade or require related assistance, ADB Consulting is ready to support achieving your aim.

Our team is composed of lawyers, business economists, and taxation experts, accompanied by certified project management specialists from western and eastern Europe.

We focus facilitation and internationalisation of business strategies in the region and empowerment of foreign companies locally.

The ADB Consulting team comprises specialists in their respective field of expertise; this knowledge is reflected in the experts academic involvement and transmitted to the wider public by publications in various fields of expertise.

Visit our pages on aviation, energy, natural resources, legal and tax, international trade, and management services for detailed information or contact us via info@adbconsulting.eu. Depending on your request, your email will be internally re-directed to the competent person in charge of your project and region. Your email and any information provided is subject to our confidentiality policy.



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